This controversial feature-length documentary directed by Owen Cooper and Thiago Da Costa tackles the chronic issue of racism in a "post-racial" United States. The film's guide and subject is Daryl Davis, a black boogie-woogie pianist who was worked closely with legends such as Chuck Berry and Little Richard for decades. Having been born to parents in the foreign service stationed in Africa at the time, Daryl never experienced racism growing up - that is, until he settled in the United States. From the moment he was first discriminated against, Daryl has pondered why something as trivial as the color of his skin could lead people to hate him so violently. As a result, he has since made a point of meeting with, talking to, and ultimately befriending as many racists and white supremacists as possible, often times leading them away from their respective racist organizations.

The documentary will focus on Daryl's activities and relationships with people who before meeting him would never have imagined even shaking hands with a black man. With such an interesting, charismatic and compelling leading figure, THE DARYL DAVIS PROJECT promises to shed new light on the ever-controversial subject of racism in America. Featuring interviews with former leaders of both the Ku Klux Klan, the National Alliance and the NAACP, as well current White Power advocates, this film will show from both sides that we still have a long way to go to total understanding and acceptance in this allegedly "post-racial" society. The Daryl Davis Poject will be Figura Media's second feature film and is set to be released in October of 2013.