The second major fiction film from Thiago Da Costa, GASP focuses on the psychological state of Jim Petrarsky, a man who once dreamed of stardom in the music industry, but has since given up on the dream. When we meet him, Jim has become overweight and lonely, drifting from temp job to temp job. As he struggles to find work and pay his bills, Jim is diagnosed with sleep apnea, a condition that saps his energy and further isolates him from others. Employing experimental storytelling techniques, the film externalizes Jim's internal state by a series of dream-like sequences showing Jim, in a suit and tie, submerged underwater with seemingly no way out.

The character of Jim is superbly portrayed by Owen Cooper, a frequent collaborator of Thiago's and a first-time actor. While adapting to the role, Owen also brought many elements of his personal life to the film, inspiring and influencing the development of Jim Petrarsky and truly bringing the tragic character to life. Featuring original music and archival footage of Owen's former band, The Toads, GASP toured the film festival circuit and is now available for free viewing on Youtube.