Shot by Thiago Da Costa over a period of three winters in over ten American cities, MORE THAN A MONTH chronicles the journey of Shukree Tilghman, a young black filmmaker, through the United States to uncover the true societal, historical and cultural effects of the celebration of Black History Month. Tilghman opens the film with the controversial suggestion of eliminating Black History Month, sparking the debate of whether Black History Month is a necessity or an anachronistic impediment not only for black people but for a true understanding of American history as a whole.

The film gives voice to a wide range of opinions on the subject, with interviews from members of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, professors at Harvard University, and a chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, as well as a number of man-on-the-street interviews and cinema verité moments. In the end, it explores how history is handled as a whole in the American educational system, and how that shapes one's cultural and individual identity. Directed by Shukree Tilghman, the film premiered on PBS's Emmy-winning series Independent Lens in February of 2012.