Figura Media is a production management and line producing company based in Los Angeles.  Founded in 2006, the company coordinates film, TV and commercial projects for a multitude of clients all over the Unites States.  From documentaries to fiction, from reality shows to TV advertisements, we produce audiovisual projects of any type of format since we are all about execution.  We are organized, spreadsheet-loving production managers that partner up with brands and creatives to make their scripts and briefings become an audiovisual reality.

We are the problem-solvers on the movie set who take care of all of the unglamorous parts of filmmaking such as contracts, permits, budgets, schedules, crew hiring, equipment rentals, payroll, deliverables, insurance, and releases.  We have an extensive network of professionals in every state of the union who cater to productions of different kinds and sizes. The company is 100% dedicated to providing the best production management services our clients may need, on time and on budget. 

We want to help you make it happen, so whether you want to film in Los Angeles, New York, Kansas or Alaska, we have you covered!  Contact us today.